Carol Golemme Art


The contrasts in light dancing among the shadows and the reflections of water in motion capture my attention. Organic patterns guide the framework of my painting. From a foundation of representational landscapes, the evolution of my work has progressed into contemporary abstracts. Bold colors, fluid strokes, harmony and motion are strong influences for my compositions.

Analyzing and recreating images is an exercise in sensory awareness as the process becomes a meditation on appreciating elements in my surroundings. Unique sounds and aromas, the complexity of a beautiful sunset, the growth patterns of a tree or deep rich colors in the flowers around me can change the way I think.

Painting has always been a calming, healing activity for me. I get inspired by the process of creating designs that express energy. I am fascinated by the diverse reactions and perspectives of those viewing my work.

Crossing cultural and language barriers, art connects us in a special way.