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Carol grew up in Georgia loving the great outdoors. Her passion was riding horses and she wanted to capture their beauty on paper. Childhood idle time was spent sketching all forms of nature. High school years were spent in Stockholm, Sweden where she developed interests in architectural designs and museums. Returning to the US, she graduated from Auburn High School. College art classes focused mainly on abstract expression. As an international flight attendant, she traveled the globe learning about different cultures.
She married and put her energy into creative outlets for her two children. This included a lot of crafts, artwork and projects. She was always painting something from furniture to murals. When the children left for college she devoted more of her time to canvas and paper with pastels, acrylics and oils. Plein aire (outside) painting and seeking inner calm continue to guide her work.
Carol's formal art training was at the University of Georgia with continued classes and work shown at South Shore Art Center, Duxbury Art Center, North River Art Center, Cape Cod Art Association, Plymouth Guild Russell Gallery, Pacific Art League and Palo Alto Art Center.
Currently living in Palo Alto, California, she moved to the bay area from Massachusetts.
Carol says "I enjoy being surrounded by the amazing west coast environment that continues to inspire my work in very colorful ways. My focus is a collection of dynamic paintings that have the natural flow of life's constant motion. I try to capture a moment and retain the feeling of activity. I enjoy the concentration required to produce a painting. It's a meditation on energy, colors, shadows and light play. I'm always seeking the light and its source. The contrasts and drama of it all attract my attention. Capturing it challenges me to grow as a painter."